Mar 12, 2021 · Bakugo x Kirishima x reader Anxiety_on_crack. Chapter 22: ... I’m sad to say this will be the last chapter for a while due to me being stupid by packing my story .... Kirishima released a breathy chuckle, his smile making your knees weak, as he pointed to his lip. "I felt you bite your lip, and you have a mark on yours," he explained, his eyes seeming to gleam with excitement as his finger pointed back to you. "It's cute. You're cute," the redhead quietly added, his smile nearly splitting his face. you said looking up at him. "look down." kirishima said smirking. you look down to see his member. you look up. "still doesnt fix it." you say folding your arms. kirishima grabs your waist again and pulls you closer. "i said i was sorry.." kirishima says looking sad. "fine. its ok." you say sighing. "but i want my kiss before school starts.". "/>Kirishima x sad reader